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Based on sucessful experience and a continous process of
learningand seft development offers projects/staffing
services in following CAD/CAE/PDM/PLM softwares..

Our Services


We are mainly involved in handing efficiently the Staffing/Staff
augmentation requirement of its clients in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM

Our Services


Our Automotive Design & Development expertise includes Design,
Analysis, Virtual Protoyping & Testing, Digital Manufacturing,
Product Data Management and Technical Documentation

Our Services

PDES owes its growth and success to its CAD/CAM/CAE

Engineers and their continued efforts to see the JOB-DONE to the satisfaction of the Clients/Customers.

CAD/CAE/PDM/PLM services

Project/staffing services

Pioneer design & Engineering Services, based on successful experience and a continuous process of learning and sell-development offers projects
/staffing services in following CAD/CAE/PDM/PLM software. Pioneer, with as approach targeted at achieving the best possible as its philosophy


Product Data management

Today automotive companies are striving for solutions to build products more quickly and more efficiently. PD&ES helps such companies achieve these objectives by providing a blend of domain knowledge and the usage of software tools & technologies in every stage of product life-cycle.


Staffing/Staff augmentation

PIONEER DESIGN & ENGINEERING SERVICES (PDES) is mainly involved in handling efficiently the Staffing/Staff augmentation requirement of its clients in CAD/CAE/PDM/PLM, with service level agreements as well as through strategic alliances to affectively accelerate

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